Wearing the Bosco LVAD Vest PDF Print E-mail

Each vest is custom made to fit snugly. There are  holes in the vest to help you tuck cords in and out of the way and every one comes with instructions to help you snake cords through the pockets and guides for the best wearing experience.

We've included our instruction letters below:

There are 3 basic Bosco LVAD vest designs to accommodate a variety of LVAD device models. Please see our "Which Vest Do You Need?" page for further details.

All of our vests feature velcro closures to hold the LVAD controller securely in place while allowing access to the ports for the battery cords and percutaneous leads.

Our pockets have flaps that close to conceal the cords and keep them out of the way so you can move freely without worry.

It is recommended that you avoid over use of the vest, especially in warmer weather. Heat rash may occur and opening the vest while resting allows the abdomen and chest area to cool. Remove the vest at bed time.

Check the vest buttons and re-sew if needed. Feel free to return the vest if any mending is needed. Do not continue to wear the vest if the controller pouch is not secure.

Cost of each vest is $130.00 ($150 international) (including tax, shipping and handling)