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We're so happy to be able to help other LVAD patients manage their medical equipment and get back to living their lives. We've had wonderful feedback from others who've found the Bosco LVAD Vest to be an answer to their prayers and we've included some of that feedback here!

"I thought I would pass along a picture of your 'vest, at it's best.' Can you spot which man is wearing the Bosco Vest in the picture below? It's the man on the far right. The one with the biggest smile. This wedding was planned in February 2014, in ICU rooms as hubby recovered from his heart attack and was fitted with his LVAD. Your vest was ordered in May, and the wedding pulled off without a hitch in June. No tux vest was needed for the father of the bride, your vest was fantastic. Thank you for your ingenuity, quality of work and promptness. Because of your vest, the lvad was not a problem in the clothing attire, or a distraction for the very special day." – Maxine

"This is Kahn Moses. He has two HeartWare pumps - LVAD and RVAD." – Kahn

"I found your package in the mailbox at 11:00 PM last night. My husband had already gone to bed, but I woke him up anyway. He was so excited that he tried it on right away. It is a perfect fit!

Kim has worn it all day, and he loves the fit, the comfort, and the extra room. He says it gives him much appreciated freedom, and it is ten times better than the harness the hospital gave him. We will be ordering another one in a while, so he has a bit of variety.

You (and your vests) are the best! Many thanks from the both of us." – Kim and Stacey

"I have received compliments from those who have already seen me wear the vest..for both style and functionality. You have a unique talent for making a 'silk purse' out of a sow's ear! Wishing you continued success!!!" – Dave

"Little did Cindy and Phil Bosco expect that when he was placed on the heart transplant waiting list at the Cleveland Clinic, that his condition would worsen and he would require placement of a cardiac mechanical assist device. On July 15th, 2008 the device was placed and four weeks later he was discharged from the hospital. As he became more active he found the machine and the accompanying equipment somewhat cumbersome. Being a creative seamstress, Cindy set out to make a more user-friendly system. The 'Bosco Vest' was invented!

The vest enabled Phil to move around more freely. The weight of the batteries and the controller was more equally distributed. There was a pocket and space for all of the device parts. Cindy made adjustments and alterations to the vest as Phil's condition improved.

Other patients saw the vest when Phil returned for medical appointments. Requests began for the 'Bosco Vest'. The number of device placements is increasing rapidly as is the demand for the vests.

Patients are so pleased with the vest and find their quality of life greatly improved. Cindy has been very unselfish with her time and has been committed to helping these patients. Hats off to the Boscos!"
– Kay Kendall, MSW, LISW
Social Worker, Heart Transplant/Mechanical Assist Device Team
Cleveland Clinic

"Jim's vest arrived Friday, the day before his birthday, so it was part of his birthday present! It seems to fit well and I've attached a photo of him (us) posing with his birthday brownie. This was taken yesterday, his 'first' birthday since his surgery in June. What better reason to celebrate?! Thanks again for everything!" – Trudi

"Sam's vest arrived this past Sunday evening. He opened it with great anticipation and tried it on in front of us. Of course, he was thrilled. It is so cleverly and beautifully made and so nice looking. He said that with your vest everything felt so much more secure and comfortable. He was amazed. This one fits amazingly well given I am no seamstress and had hoped I had measured Sam correctly.

Thank you so much. I admire you for what you are doing.You surely are making a huge contribution to the life style of individuals with VADs" – Sally

"I love my vests – yes, I have three of them, and everyone remarks on how great they look and how the vest makes the medical equipment almost unnoticeable. For me the best part is how the design distributes the weight of the batteries and CPU so I can be mobile longer with less fatigue. The strap holsters originally provided cut into my shoulders, the batteries slid from side to side and it was not very practical for doing anything other than sitting or walking. With the Bosco LVAD Vest, it's business as normal because the support and stability of the design keeps everything in place. Love it!!!" – Karen

"Cindy, I received the vest in the mail this week. Bob really likes it. He is so much more comfortable and says the weight is more easily distributed. Thanks again - we love the vest!" – Cathy from New York

"Josh received his vest on Tuesday. He absolutely loves it! Thank you so very much. It fits really well. It looks really sleek. Everything fits inside so snugly and out of the way. It's so much easier for him to maneuver around, knowing that things aren't hanging down and possibly getting caught on things.

What a neat idea you had inventing this special vest. Thanks again for your support and for making the vest for Josh. It's really terrific!" – Linda, Josh's mom

"If the hospital had given me your card showing me the vest before getting the LVAD, the whole procedure would have been easier to accept." – Avery from Michigan

"Thought you would enjoy seeing your product being worn. Thanks again!" – LaDonna

"The vest is great! Ken was excited to get it and it fits perfectly. I do not know how you do it! It is quite a blessing to be 'hands free'."– Donna (and Ken) from Texas

"I wanted to let you know the black vest looks so nice. It really looks dressy. I am so impressed as to how independent it makes him (Charles). I am thankful for you and your skill."– Marion (and Charles) from North Carolina

"Words cannot express the delight John feels in receiving the Bosco Vest. He is so happy with the freedom it gives him. What a clever design!! It is not only functional, but looks good with any style of clothing." – Lois (and John) from California

2245 Carroll Rd, Bay City, MI 48708 989-274-8862