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The Bosco LVAD Vest was originally designed to help my husband manage his LVAD equipment. After he was discharged from Cleveland Clinic and was getting around a little better, he found the gear provided with his HeartMate II uncomfortable and cumbersome. The weight of the batteries caused neck and back pain and the controller attached to his belt made his pants feel like they were falling down. I'd have to help him make sure the controller stayed close to his side when he needed to use the bathroom. There had to be a better system.

I've designed many sewing projects from clothing and home decor to camping gear. Therefore, Phil was confident that I could figure out a way to comfortably and conveniently carry his LVAD equipment. He was delighted with his new vest and the mobility it provided. There wasn't much he couldn't do with his equipment secure and out of the way. He lived with his LVAD for nearly six months before he received a heart transplant. At one point he was so comfortable with his LVAD that he wondered if he really wanted to go through with the transplant. The Lord has blessed us abundantly and we'd like to share the blessings with you.

Since the inception of Bosco LVAD Vest, Thoratec has greatly improved their
"Go-Gear" and yet many LVAD patients continue to wear the Bosco Vest for greater mobility and comfort.

2245 Carroll Rd, Bay City, MI 48708 989-274-8862