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HeartMate II and III with the Pocket Controller

  1. Place the controller in the pocket, securing it with the vertical strap first and then the horizontal strap going over and then under the cords.
  2. For outside battery pockets, find the hole for the cord to exit the vest. It is either in the seam or the little pocket next to the battery depending on your size. Once you have found the hole, disengage the cord from the wall unit or the battery and bring the cord through the hole quickly plugging in the batter. Of course, you must do this one battery at a time.
  3. Coil the cords and secure them with the Velcro tabs inside the vest after the batteries are securely placed in their pockets.
  4. Lift the vest at the shoulders, bringing the fronts together and button the vest.


  1. With the HeartWare vest, you must put the vest on and put the batteries in their pockets, stringing the cords through the holes inside the pockets while the controller is hooked up to the wall unit.
  2. Coil the cords and secure them with the Velcro tabs on the inside of the vest.
  3. Button the vest and put the controller pocket together with the vertical Velcro strips.
  4. Free the Velcro strips inside the controller pocket so that when the controller is placed in the pocket you can easily secure the controller on each side with the Velcro.
  5. Secure the flap over the pocket, holding the weight of the controller as you do.

2245 Carroll Rd, Bay City, MI 48708 989-274-8862