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1What does the $130 cover? Is there tax or shipping cost?
There is no additional cost for tax or shipping. Alterations are also included, if needed.

2Can I purchase my own fabric for you to make a vest?
Yes, it takes about one and a half yards and you will need to purchase All Purpose Thread and buttons to match. I reduce the cost to $120 unless the fabric needs to be lined and then the cost increases to $150.00. One of my customers has found Waverly fabric in the Home D├ęcor section of fabric stores that wear well and hold up to washing, although she does not put the in the dryer. I would suggest that you launder the fabric before you ship it to make certain it does not become a mass of wrinkles or shrink an excessive amount.

3Have you made a vest for a double VAD, that is, both RVAD and LVAD?
Yes, for the HeartWare model. There is a picture of Kahn sporting the double VAD vest in the section "Words from Our Customers".

4I run 'hot' and need something cooler. Do you offer mesh?
Yes, I have black mesh and white cotton mesh that can replace the lower back panel of the vest. Although this is not fashionable, some of my customers prefer mesh backs. See a photo in "Words from Our Customers".

5I need a cell phone pocket. Can you put an extra pocket on the vest?
Yes, an extra pocket is possible. Email or call with your request.

6Do you put zippers in the vests?
I have 14" jacket zippers that I can use. This may alter the neckline of the vest to accommodate the extra length. The zipper comes in only two colors: black (which can be a 2-way zipper) and light khaki (which is not available as a 2-way zipper).

7Can I return the vest for my money back?
Since the vest is custom fit, alterations are an option, but refunds are not.

8Why does the vest bow out in the lower back?
There are two reasons this happens. Either the vest is too big and the weight of the batteries is pulling the excess to the back, or you are not wearing the vest buttoned up. I can fix a vest that is too big...I cannot help you if you want to wear it unbuttoned.

9Are there pictures of your vests available?
You can find pictures in the section "Which Vest Do You Need?", "Words from Our Customers" and also in the section "How to Wear Your Vest".

10How do I deal with all these cords to keep them from hanging down?
There are Velcro tabs inside the vest to coil the cords and keep them in place. See the section "How to Wear the Vest" for photos.

2245 Carroll Rd, Bay City, MI 48708 989-274-8862